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A small move is one that fails to meet commercial moving (or “van line”) specifications. One that

does not require a large moving truck / tractor-trailer to carry the load, nor that three-to-five movers are

required to get the job done. Also, as unusual as this may appear at first, some small moves occur at

the same location! That's right, our Specialists will and have done moves of furniture within the same

house, same apartment and even on occasions within the same room!


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This is a very important distinction, especially in light of what is transpiring in the moving industry recently. Some of the larger commercial movers are advertising that they will now engage in “small moves”, but it is nothing like what we offer! Rather than the specialized, individual attention each and every move receives from our specialists, the larger commercial movers instead attempt to lump your small move in with various other “small moves” in the area until their massive tractor-trailer truck is fully loaded! Anything smaller would make the small move cost-prohibitive for them!



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