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What Exactly Is a Small Move?

A small move is one that fails to meet commercial moving (or “van line”) specifications. One that

does not require a large moving truck / tractor-trailer to carry the load, nor that three-to-five movers are

required to get the job done. Also, as unusual as this may appear at first, some small moves occur at

the same location! That's right, our Specialists will and have done moves of furniture within the same

house, same apartment and even on occasions within the same room!

The Small Move Specialists

Our Small Moves Specialists need people to think of the word “move” differently than before... instead of it being solely associated with relocation from one residential address to another, instead think of the word in its purest form. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word “move” is defined as to cause (something or someone) to go from one place or position to another; or to go from one place or position to another. Think about it... you may need your current bedroom set “moved” from its current location to the guest bedroom upstairs because you are replacing it? Or, you may need assistance “moving” that heavy china cabinet or entertainment center from one end of the room to the other? Commercial movers have no interest in such small moves, yet not only are we interested in helping you get it done, we specialize in doing it!


Are you placing furniture into storage or removing it from storage? We can help you pack it up and (re)move it (from) there!

Do-it-yourself (DIY) Moving Box

Thinking of using a “do-it-yourself” (DIY) moving box? OK, but you still must move all of your belongings out of your residence into the box, right? Let us help you do that!

Small Moves Specialists will move your items anywhere within the state of Massachusetts.

Why put it off? Start your move today!


State-wide small moving

We are licensed to do business within the state of Massachusetts, thus we are always available to help you move your belongings to and from any locations within the state. Primary residences, vacation homes on the Cape or in the Berkshires, and even when placing belongings in or taking them out of storage... we are eager to help with your small move!

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